How Much Does Moving Yourself Really Cost You??

How Much Does Moving


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Yourself Really Cost You??
It’s a fact of life: moving is rarely as cheap or as simple as we’d like it to be. For that reason, lots of people assume that renting a truck and recruiting some volunteers is the easiest and best way to go when it comes to relocating from one home to another, but when it comes to long-distance moves, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We know a thing or two about saving a few bucks during a move, and we’ve got some knowledge about what that DIY move really costs.

What that do-it-yourself approach actually costs you
Let’s say you really, REALLY want to rent that do-it-yourself moving truck and drive it on your own. Sure, no problem. But… have you ever driven one before? Across state lines? Across multiple state lines? Can you ensure its safety in a hotel parking lot each night? And by the way, how much are those hotel nights with all their add-on fees going to cost you in the end? Let’s not forget meals, fuel, and incidentals while you’re on the road, as well as one-way fees (which can reach into the thousands) for returning the truck to a different location than its origin. These things add up; be sure to pad your budget as you’re planning that route and make sure a pro mover isn’t actually a better option.
Take a look at average DIY Moving expenses:
Expense Average cost
Rental Truck $1000.00 – $1200.00
Fuel to PA $500.00 – $750.00
Hotels x 2 nights $250.00 – $350.00
Meals $100.00 – $300.00
Insurance $100.00 – $200.00
Loading Labor $350.00 – $500.00
Unloading Labor $350.00 – $500.00
Tolls $130.00 – $150.00
Wrapping Materials $100.00 – $200.00
Lost Wages $200.00-$500.00
One Way Travel Expenses/Flight to FL $200.00 – $500.00
Total $3280.00 – $5150.00